Soya candle Bu par Espace Thé

Published on 29/12/2021

At Espace thé, we believe it is essential to go back to basics.It is in this perspective that we decided to create soy candles, made from our 100% natural teas.Our candles are made from three essential elements for relaxation, the teas from the Bu par Espace thé collection, soy wax and various natural essential oils.We chose six different teas, to develop six separate candles, to create six atmospheres very different from each other.

When you have our candles in hand, you will notice that they contain two wicks. It was out of concern for the environment that we made this choice. First to avoid wasting the wax, but also to allow you to make the most of the scent of the candle, its warm atmosphere and its benefits.

Indeed, candles, in addition to being designed for the decoration of your favorite pieces, can be used as natural anti-stress. The heat and the light created by the candle flame soften the atmosphere of the room, while diffusing a particular and beneficial warmth. In your moments of well-being, lighting a candle promotes relaxation of the body and relaxation of the mind. In addition, the different scents, created by a gentle blend between the teas Bu by Espace thé and the different essential oils added, our candles diffuse a special scent which will create a very special atmosphere. Depending on the candle chosen, you will also benefit from the benefits of the essential oils it contains.

The choice to use soy wax goes without saying for Espace thé since one of our primary values is health. Indeed, soy wax is a natural wax. Since it does not produce soot when it is lit, it is healthy not only for the environment, but also for you since it does not release any toxic fumes or black smoke. Soy wax has a very high durability thanks to the fact that it does not need a very high temperature to be able to diffuse its perfume. It is also for this reason that essential oils are easy to integrate into candles.

The Espace thé collection includes five candle scents. We find our Chai candle which is made of chai tea, cloves, patchouli, cinnamon and black pepper. The jasmine candle, meanwhile, consists of jasmine tea, rose, geranium, and ylang ylang. Our Earl Grey candle contains in particular Earl Grey tea, bergamot, lemon, orange and lavender. As for our Vanilla Cream candle, it contains vanilla cream tea, rose, vanilla, geranium with a hint of cinnamon. The Feng shui candle contains Feng shui tea, eucalyptus, bergamot and orange.

The soy tea candles from the Espace Thé collection are simple and natural. All you have to do is turn them on to get all the benefits!